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Artist, Comedian, Performer. Currently developing a solo show which merges stand-up comedy, contemporary but tedious autobiography and live nude showering.

My name is Tom Vinyl and I am an Artist, Comedian and Performer – well thats what I am saying over and over again online anyway. What this excessive title doesn’t tell you is that as of December 2014 I am based in Bristol, I am only 5 foot, 4 inches tall and I am also a Tennis coach.

I work both as a solo artist and as part of a performance collective called Daughters of Albion. Since graduating  Falmouth University (formally and arguably better-ly Dartington College of Arts) I have developed a practice which straddles several performance mediums including Theatre, Performance Art, Film and Stand-Up Comedy. 

My work is playful and comedic whilst occasionally exploring an aspect of my own life experience in great detail. I am mindful of aesthetic and the point at which the indivudual aspects of a performance enter the perception of an audience. 

I am excited to now be based in Bristol and am currently developing a solo show which aims to merge stand-up comedy, performative autobiography and showers. Please get in touch if this idea sounds like it might exite you. If not please do check out my other projects alone and with Daughters of Albion at


The Show(er) (2015)

Portfolio image: Tom Vinyl - The Show(er) (2015)
The Show(er) is a solo performance piece which explores the fragmented structure of both life and performance. Acts are performed, entr’actes wash them away. Contains live showering. rnrnThis is a brand new performance project which I am currently working on. This piece is a collation of my obsession over the past few years with fragmented act likes structures and showers. I am hoping to perform a first scratch of the piece somewhere in Bristol, so if you know somewhere/ someone I should get in touch with, please do let me know.

A Life’s Walk (2013)

Portfolio image: Tom Vinyl - A Life's Walk (2013)
A Life’s Walk, was a solo performance project, imagined and completed by myself between October and December 2013. The project explored the concept of mapping the time and memories of a life, onto a physical line. The life was my own; the line the South West Coast Path. The project involved me walking approximately 270 miles from the maternity ward where I was born in Barnstaple, to the University where I then studied in Falmouth. Over the course of 50 days I progressed through memories from each stage of my life, each one varying in personal significance and detail. My aim was to revive those memories give them a new existence in the places that I visited along the path. Using memory as a starting point I turned my focus to the landscape and people of the place I inhabited to create a series of videos, photographs, songs, poems and ultimately mini performances of different forms which revived and remapped a stage of my life as a shared memory onto the line along which I travelled.rnrnThe project was a huge success with a milestone performance in the CAZ space at Penzance and a final performance in the performance centre in Falmouth.

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