Vickie May

Is your resume tough enough to hit the desks of employers and land you an interview?  If your cover letter is still accompanying your resume, you might as well bring your mommy to help you in the interview.  Keep the cover letter home with your Brut and Haggars.  Your resume should be able to handle this mission on its own.  The two reasons we use cover letters are either because:

  1. Our resumes are weak, e.g. not landing interviews.
  2. We aren’t talking with the eventual recipients before submitting our resumes.

Those with the hell bent for leather attitude that one must always use a cover letter either don’t understand the mind of a hiring manager or are only versed in creating ye old resumes which cannot possibly stand on its own in today’s job market.  The more components a hiring process has, the greater the likelihood a candidate will slip up. I help job hunters to make the best resumes for engineers, nurses and even designers. A cover letter is not needed in today’s market if the resume is written properly and your pre-submission due diligence takes place.

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