Viki Browne

Performance Artist: I make performance about the pathological, psychological and social challenges of life and death. My work is highly visual, inspired by images from the front covers of magazines and sunlight through a blind. It’s reminiscent of half forgotten pop culture, a heavily thumbed book you read at university and those dance moves at the end of the night that draw you closer to the edge of the world. Wrapped in a shroud sequined with humour, irreverence and compassion. I work with topics that are uncomfortable, risky or taboo, using autobiography to begin a dialogue with audiences uniting us in the time and space of the performance to share feelings of vulnerability. My work is collagic; begging, borrowing and stealing from performance art, fine art, theatre, stand up comedy, spoken word and cabaret. My work has been performed a variety of venues and spaces including, Bristol Old Vic, Camden People’s Theatre, Salisbury International Festival, The Edinburgh Fringe, Glastonbury Festival & VAULT.

Facilitator/ Director: I deliver drama workshops and direct performances with a variety of groups. I have worked with professional theatre companies, in schools, universities, youth groups but predominantly work with mental health charities.
Activist: I am activist and work to reduce stigma, and barriers for people with additional mental health needs. In 2017 I co-founded Many Minds, we facilitate creative spaces and make performance with people managing their mental health. I work as a consultant advising organizations, buildings, employers and artists on how to reduce barriers and support mental wellbeing. I have chaired and appeared on panel discussions, at conferences, with healthcare professionals, charities and services, and on BBC2’s ‘Trust Me I’m a Doctor’.

I have been supported by Arts Council England, Stepping Out, Corbett & Co, Bristol Old Vic, The Bikeshed Theatre, Exeter Arts Council, Exeter University and I am a member of Bristol-based arts collective Interval.