Pride and Me.

Pride 1

Pride and me. 

Over the years I have been involved in Pride Festival in Bristol, in many different ways, from performing at cabaret spots, to waving a flag around on the march and screaming in a state of euphoria. The main day is really special but I love that Bristol celebrates it for a whole week with a good run up, so to honour Pride I want to tell you 10 Reasons why I am without shame this year! By Tom Marshman


1. I am taking up a lot of space in the Pride Brochure. This Pride Season I am not just presenting one event but three! Kings Cross (REMIX), A Writing Workshop with Karen McLeod and Hot Dates from the Past.


2. I’m having a queer homecoming. Having just returned from a 2 week run in London with the show Kings Cross (REMIX) and also having reached my crowdfunding target, raised by local supporters of my work, I am coming back to Bristol and putting the show on here. 


3. PROUD TO HOST BARBARA BROWNSKIRT! I am working alongside Karen McLeod a.k.a Barbara Brownskirt to deliver a writer’s workshop. It’s open to anyone curious about developing their writing skills. I love Barbara! Barbara is anorak wearing, unlucky in love, an obsessive Judi Dench fan and her poems are comic but also very moving. 

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4. I am a proper grown up adult! I recently moved from being an electric meter paying customer to a direct debit customer.


5. I’m matchmaking. Hot Dates from the Past is an event I have been involved with before and it’s the most fun you can have in a Tudor Lodge, believe me. We’ve reimagined the portraits on the walls to be profiles on a dating site such as Grindr and Tindr. I am doing this with two great artists, Timberlina and Catherine Hoffmann (she makes a wicked Elizabeth the 1st). 

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6. Status quo has been rocked. I am a paid up member of the Labour party and I think they fought a strong campaign and made politics much more meaningful to different types of people. Hopefully some changes will take place.


7. I am part of the National Trust, Prejudice and Pride program. It aims to highlight LGBTQ stories in their houses. I am working in Hanbury Hall, near Droitwich, where I have developed theatrical responses to queer stories there. If you want to find out more click here

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8. Dad’s on board. My Dad has been supporting Adam Smith who is running 401 marathons to raise awareness about homophobic bullying. I remember how cruel kids can be, so it’s great that Dad is a regular sponsor of Adams campaign.


9. The kids are all right. My show, Kings Cross (REMIX) is about the Kings Cross area inthe 1980’s but the stories speak of the beginnings of the AIDS crisis, gentrification and feeling politically disenfranchised. I wanted to make the show meaningful to all and not be just an archive piece. I have been showing it to young people including writers from Rife magazine and more recently Freedom Youth (a group of LGBTQ+) who really connected with the themes. One remarked ‘the show was so moving I have goose bumps all over’.


10. I am a shameless self-promoter. The show was featured in the Guardian, pretty cool I think for a boy from Filton! Read the article here 


Want to buy tickets for Red Lodge event – Hot Dates with the Past – 30 June, 01 July. Book here 

Book a space on the writing workshop with Karen McLeod on 05 July. Please register your interest by 28th June by emailing [email protected]

Click here to buy tickets for King’s Cross (REMIX) on the 5th July at Zion Community Space. Take a look at the trailer below. 


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