Common Ground

The idea is quite simple – we have offered 11 artists a place on Common Ground which invites an experienced artist and a senior contact in a cultural organisation to spend time together. For 45 minutes either travelling together or sitting, for 20 minutes, one of the pair will talk, perhaps about their work, opportunities, challenges they face and on the way back, the other might reflect and talk more openly about their organisation’s plans or challenges.

Following up we have asked the representative from an organisation to either – 

  •     promote the artist’s work on their website and socials for a week, or…
  •     invite them to work with you, or…
  •     put them in touch with someone else who could offer tangible support, or…
  •     Let Theatre Bristol know that you’d like to take another walk together at another time

Theatre Bristol will pay the artist for their time, and manage the admin and expectations. We have worked hard to match artists with an individual from organisations that compliments their needs or practice and we are flying the flag for people who feel their opportunities are limited and voices are unheard.

We will be sharing the outcomes on our social media, newsletter and website over the coming months.

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