TB Agents Reimagined

For one season only a slightly reformed TB Agents is back. 

We know it can be hard, and sometimes impossible, for creative freelancers to attend conferences and events, and that industry gatherings are often only accessible to salaried staff. 

We have roughly 15 bursaries available to contribute up to £150 towards: 

  • The full cost of the opportunity 
  • Part of the cost of the opportunity or activity  
  • Your time to attend 
  • Travel 
  • Access costs (including childcare)

This is for any Bristol-based (BS postcode) creative freelancers working in performing arts, who want to attend an event, industry meeting, conference, training or a show to soak up new ideas, make contacts and represent the independent sector. The opportunity can take place up to 28th February 2023 and needs to be claimed for by the 30th March 2023. 


  • 9am 13th October 2022 [closed]
  • 9am 30th January 2023 [closed]

You will hear back by the: 

  • 20th October (first round)
  • 6th February (second round)
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Criteria for Assessment

What we’re looking for:

  • Conferences and industry events that you wouldn’t normally be able to get to because you are not a salaried member of staff with expenses (this can include online opportunities)
  • A chance for you to represent and be a voice for the independent sector at these events
  • Training opportunities that will advance your practice or take it in another direction 
  • A chance for professional development and learning for yourself
  • A show that you might not be able to see due to travel costs or location without this support 

We invite you, although it is not a prerequisite, to share something from your experience with us e.g. some images or notes that we can share in our newsletter.

Application Notes

You can apply via the application form or by submitting a video that:

  • is no more than 5 minutes
  • answers the questions in the form
  • is emailed to ellabest@theatrebristol.net with the subject line: TB Agents: Reimagined

If you have any questions or would like the form in a different format please get in touch at info@theatrebristol.net or phone 07549 412900

Please also complete this anonymous monitoring form so we can see who we are (and are not) reaching.



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