Rannel Theatre Company: Is it comedy, dance, theatre, hip hop?

Rannel Theatre Company last performed in Bristol with Flhip Flhop last year at the Tobacco Factory Theatre. But who are they? How did they start up? And what is it exactly that they do? Tobacco Factory Theatre asked Joey D, one half of Rannel Theatre Company (the other half is Matt Bailey) a few questions about Rannel’s brand new show 2Deep.

Rannel 2

How did Rannel Theatre Company start?
Matt and I met when he was Dj’ing at a night club in Bristol and I was dancing at the event. We got chatting about Ideas and decided to put together a little showcase for a scratch performance night at the Battersea Arts Centre. After this we started meeting up on weekends creating short pieces until we were approached by Mark Makin from Makin Projects to create an hour show to tour the UK. Since then we’ve gone on to have a 5-star sell out show at the Edinburgh Fringe, performed at the Adelaide Fringe festival and have toured extensively internationally over the last four years!

You’ve worked with the BBC, doing some clips for their Comedy site – can you tell us more?
We were spotted at Edinburgh Fringe and were asked to create a pilot for a new comedy show. Part of this process involved creating 4 short sketches for the BBC Website. You can check them out on the website www.rannel.co.uk or on the BBC Comedy page. We are currently looking into developing a series based on the theatre shows.

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What’s 2Deep about?
2Deep is about two guys trapped in an underground pod somewhere in the not so distant future. The story revolves around two characters and how they cope with being trapped together in such a small space for such a long period of time. The idea came from being on the road during the last show. People kept asking us what it was like to spend so much time together so we thought we’d make a show exploring that concept.

Is it dance? Or theatre? Or hip hop? Or comedy?
People often get confused when they see our flyers as to what it is they’re actually going to see. It’s not until after they’ve seen the show that they understand Rannel Theatre’s Company style. In the new show there are elements of Dance, Comedy, Theatre and Hip Hop skills. With all these elements the main thing we try to do is to create a funny and original performance that appeals to all ages.

If you had to sum up what audiences experience when they come to one of your shows, what would you say?
Funny, Surprising, funky, entertaining, funny, original, very funny, never repetitive, funny.

2Deep is on at the Tobacco Factory Theatre from Wed 03 – Sat 06 October at 8pm. Find out more about 2Deep here.