Articulating Your Practice

Unless we’re happy just to make work for ourselves, we all have to articulate what we do on a regular basis – whether that is in proposals to commissioners, funding applications, in marketing materials, or just conversations with other artists. How do we reconcile the need to be very reductive about the work we make without misrepresenting it? And how do we avoid unclear, exclusive language so we can engage people in our work?


  • So tell me about your work… How to articulate your practice is a quick guide of tips and exercises by Tanuja Amarasuriya to help you articulate your practice: understand who you are talking to, and communicate what you do to them in the most effective way.
  • How to write in Plain English by The Plain English Campaign is a great free guide to help present clear and concise information, and avoid jargon and misleading the public. Have a look at more of The Plain English Campaign’s guides and resources.
  • Arts Council England are sharing good practice by publishing their own Style Guidelines, a useful document about avoiding jargon that is exclusive or unclear.