International Funds


IETM has created a Fund Finder (2019 update) which offers a guide to funding opportunities for arts and culture in Europe, beyond Creative Europe.

For comprehensive information and guidance on making an application for EU funding, you can contact EUCLID.


What is Available?


1. Trans-national Funds

The EU’s funding programme specifically aimed at the arts and culture, supporting artistic creation that preserves member states’ common cultural heritage. There must be a clear European dimension to the project and European partners must be involved. Projects must address issues such as addressing the citizen, new technology or media addressing creativity, or tradition and innovation (linking the past and the future). Funding is given to one year projects (between €50 and €150,000 and no more than 50% of total project cost) and three year projects (up to a maximum of €300,000 per year and no more than 60% of project budget).

2. Structural Funds

These funds address regional inequalities in the EU in order to promote a more balanced economic and social climate. There are two principal Structural Funds: European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and European Social Fund (ESF). These funds are distributed between three key programmes: Regional Allocations, Community Initiatives and Innovative Actions.The kinds of projects these programmes might help fund include converting redundant buildings for arts use or refurbishing theatres and performances spaces. There is an emphasis on supporting projects which help create sustainable jobs for those in disadvantaged sectors of the community.

3. Visiting Arts

A public body which receives funding from the British Council, this organisation helps to develop cultural links abroad. It cannot give funding to individual projects or organise tours or performances, but it does give money to UK-based promoters, and provides information and services.

4. European Cultural Foundation (ECF)

An independent organisation which promotes cultural, social and educational activities with a multi-national and European focus.



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European Cultural Foundation (UK National Committee)

International Intelligence on Culture

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Visiting Arts

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Useful Contacts

British Council Headquarters

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