ACE Templates via The Uncultured 

“We didn’t plan to make a new ACE Under £30k template because we thought ACE had made one that was fit for purpose…but then we used it and realised it wasn’t. So we’ve now got a whole page dedicated to ACE templates in our resources section. This includes a DYCP template, a DYCP report template and an Under £30k NLPG template, plus the old under £15k report for while it might still be useful.

The Under £30k template links to a folder in which there is a full template, and also a workbook for all the numerical data needed in the application. It’s a whopper at 28 pages before you’ve even input any information, so there is also a folder with bite size chunks of the application in it in case this makes it easier to navigate.

In the template we would recommend opening it in google docs then clicking File > Make a copy, in order to save it for yourselves so that you can edit it and use the full functionality. This includes an outline on the left hand side of the document if you click on Show Document Outline which makes it easier to navigate the document.





We really hope this is useful and is more accessible than the one that ACE have released. Our previous Under/Over £15k templates were downloaded thousands of times and we had a lot of requests from folks to make a new one. It’s taken hours of unpaid time* to make, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect or that it makes the inaccessible process any easier.

Please do share this with anyone that might find it useful. Please do tell us if it actually is useful. And if you fancy, please do tell ACE how useful you think it is.

Please tag  @_TheUncultured_ if you share on socials.

*UPDATE: On sharing this template publicly, we were kindly offered money from some NPOs to cover the time it took us to make this resource. Big thanks to Derby Theatre (shout out to Sarah for offering in public first)Theatre BristolCambridge Junction and Prime Theatre for their contributions.

Find the templates here.