Registering a Trademark

A trademark is a distinctive logo, word, phrase or graphic that is unique to an individual company. It can function as an integral part of an organisation’s identity.

The UK Intellectual Property Office (formerly The Patent Office) is responsible for registering and maintaining trademarks, though you do not legally need to register your trademark if you do not wish to – your company’s identity is protected by common law to some degree.

The cost of a trademark application starts at £200 with an additional £50 payable per additional class in the UK. You will not, however, receive a refund if your application is rejected, so you should make sure you thoroughly check that the property you wish to register has not already been trademarked.

The UK Intellectual Property Office provides a paid advisory service to help you do this. Alternatively, you can conduct your own search online at the UK Intellectual Property Office’s record search facility.

A trademark lasts ten years once it has been issued, but it can take several months to administer the process. You must fill out a TM3 form to apply for a trademark.

For more information about trademarks and how to apply, visit the Intellectual Property Office website