Resources for Producers

Here’s some resources we have compiled to support producers. If you have any further resources you’d like to suggest for inclusion please contact us.


UK Theatre Producers Facebook group – This group is for UK based theatre producers (theatre in the broadest of terms) to share opportunities, stay in touch, and act as a sounding board for ideas/questions. It often includes resources, templates and discussions about current issues facing artists and producers.


Producers Place, Cardiff – Though Cardiff based, open to people across the river. A local network for producers in the performing arts. It includes anyone who identifies with the term ‘producer’ – even if it’s not part of their job title.


Stage One – an organisation working to support new UK theatre producers and productions, committed to securing the future of commercial theatre through educational and investment schemes. They run a series of development and placement schemes for producers, often bridging the gap between the subsidised and commercial theatre sector.


Producer Gathering – Producer Gathering is a space for the sharing of resources about producing in the arts industry. Led by Sally Rose and Xavier de Sousa, with contributions by Producers from all over the UK and internationally.