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Alongside our dedicated Artist support work we are committed to supporting and developing Producers working within live performance with bespoke tailored support, events and training as well as opportunities to come together and share knowledge and learning.

Please see below our current programme of support.

Producer Surgeries

Current programme of Producer Support

Responding to the call we put out with The Uncultured we are developing a series of workshops and events specifically for Producers. 

Producer Reflection Surgeries

As Producers we spend so much of our time creating the best conditions for others; whether that be performers, workshop participants, audiences, collaborators that we forget about ourselves. These producer reflection surgeries offer you 90 minutes of time with our CEO Emily Williams who has 12 years of producing experience to reflect on your practice, consider any ambitions or goals you might have and create a bespoke care plan for yourself to ensure that you work within the very best conditions too. 

Emily will be offering three 90 minute sessions to Bristol and SW based producers (you can be freelance or salaried) per month and these can be booked here.

Producer Reflection Surgeries 

Producers x Pizza

We know how powerful spending time with others can be, especially after the last couple of years.

We want to offer a space for producers of any sort to come together over pizza and share experiences, best practice, ask questions as part of a wider commitment to developing and supporting producers who have decided to live in this beautiful part of the world. 

The first event is Wednesday 9th November.

You don’t have to be a freelancer or a full time producer to come to this event – it’s open to any one who is interested in producing who wants to be part of a wider network. 

Some nights we might invite people to share their stories more formally  but for this first one we wanted to keep it more informal. If you’d like to discuss anything about the event beforehand please do not hesitate to contact Emily on 

BOOK Producers x PizzA 

Producers Fail Space

Let’s Talk About…Failure!

Failspace is an AHRC-funded research project that explores how the cultural sector can better recognise, acknowledge and learn from failure. The project is led by Leila Jancovich (University of Leeds), with David Stevenson (Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh).

As a Failspace Champion, Bristol based freelance Producer Tom Bevan is ready to share the evaluation methodology developed by the Failspace team in a practical way with fellow industry members. This workshop will offer time to explore the findings of the research, reflect on  failure as a concept in the cultural sector, and will finish with some hands-on time trying out the evaluation tools.

The aim of the workshop is to start thinking about how we can normalise conversations about failure as an important component of project planning, evaluation and ultimately…success!

expression of interest for Producer FailSpace 

Test Run

One of the things we hear about the most from artists at Theatre Bristol is how hard it is to make the first step when looking to develop a relationship with a producer. We have therefore developed Test Run. Test Run offers an artist/company + producer  £400 (approx 2 days of time) looking to test out their relationship. 

This can be used to give you some paid time together to sit and talk, or contribute to writing a funding bid; spend time in a rehearsal room, or something else entirely. The point is to help you begin, and to do it in a way that feels safe and supported, and also by taking the financial risk, at least at the very beginning, away from you both to meaningfully test your relationship.



Artist/Producer Relationships 

We often help with matchmaking and brokering relationships between artists and producers. Getting this right can be absolutely transformative. But the landscape and people can change a lot in two years, so we want to make sure our knowledge is up to date, and that we are useful for everyone.

How it works:

1) You fill in some very brief information about yourself via this link.

2) If an artist is looking for producing support and we think you might be a good match we will either

a) direct them to your public profile OR
b) forward you an email from them / send you a JD if they are recruiting publicly

3) You can update your info via the same link in future. Occasionally we will also get in touch to see if your details are up to date.

4) This database won’t be made public, and we won’t share your personal details with anyone unless you give us separate permission.

We want to continue to try to keep this fairly light touch so it doesn’t need a lot of administration.

We are really up for hearing about what else would help you right now. It will also help us understand what producing capacity there is in the city, which would be really useful.

If you would like to be added to our database then please follow this link:



We know that being a Producer can at times be incredibly lonely and isolated. We have put together a list of networks/collectives/resources that already exist and are committed to supporting and developing a more local network that would allow for in person and online togetherness. 

You can also access resources for Producers via our Resource Library.

If you would like us to add any other networks to this page please:



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