Fyfe Hall

Trinity Centre
Trinity Road
BS2 0NW Tel: 01179351200
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: http://www.trinitybristol.org.uk (opens in new tab)

Total Capacity:

400 standing / 100-200 seated

Suitable for:

  • Dance
  • Performance with an Audience
  • Rehearsal

Opening Hours

Standard times below:
Rehearsal times: Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm
Evening performance times: 7pm - 9pm

Licenses Held:

Full Premises Licence held

Booking Info

Costs & Terms of Hire:

Please visit our website for our latest hire rates and information:

Contact Name:

Rhiannon Jones / Alison Wright

Email Address:

[email protected]

Telephone Number:



Great for performance, dance, rehearsals, workshops & conferences

If you’re looking to hold an event in a historic setting with a modern twist then look no further.

Our beautiful upstairs hall offers a dramatic space, with sprung oak floor – perfect for dance – with underfloor-heating and stained-glass windows providing natural lighting and a unique backdrop for your event or function.

With a 9.8m hight, this space has incredible acoustics and is equipped with technical lighting and blackout drapes for performances (please note we currently have no aerial rigging points).

We can now offer a flexible raked seating system for up to 105 people with our in house system.Additional rows can be added if booked in advance. The seating system can also be cleared to offer the hall as a clear open space, please contact us to find out how we can make the space work for you.


  • Accessible Entrance:No/Unknown
  • Accessible Toilet: No/Unknown
  • Induction Loop Available: No/Unknown
  • Blue Badge Parking Available: No/Unknown

More Accessibility Information:

The Trinity Centre is accessible, with lift access to the first floor and accessible toilets located on both floors.

The front of the venue has level paved access and there are four designated accessible parking bays, located by the Daytime Reception area (left side of building).

Please visit the link below for our current accessibility information:

We welcome feedback on things we can do to improve the accessibility of our venue and website.

Parking Details:

Our car park is 24hr Pay & Display and all visitors are required to pay and display, including staff, volunteers, hirers, Centre visitors and Blue Badge Holders.

Please visit the link below for our current parking information:


  • Dressing Room
  • Private Room
  • Kitchen
  • Toilets


  • Height: 9.8m
  • Width: 11m
  • Length: 21m

Technical Info

Floor Description:

Performance Area/Stage: Fyfe Hall offers a flexible performance space which can be configured in different layout. Stage and seating not fixed, each can be altered to suit the needs of the performance. Standard performance layout is End On leaving a performance space of 9m wide x minimum 10m deep. Subject to agreement in advance the following layouts are also possible: Thrust, Arena, In a Round, Traverse or a clear open space. Dance Floor available

Physical description:

Please visit the link below to download our current technical information: https://www.3ca.org.uk/booking/spaces/fyfe-hall/fyfe-hall-venue-spec

Power Supply:

Domestic power available.
Distro-board required for heavy usage.
Additional dimmer packs required if bringing in additional lighting.

Power and Lighting Details:

Fyfe Hall is equipped with 2 x lighting Truss Bars suspended from the ceiling at a fixed
height of 3.8m from the floor.
Two additional cross bars can be hired in and rigged at fixed points to give more rigging points.
In-house lighting kit list:
ETC source four profile x6
Par Cans x8
Strand 100 plus lighting desk x1 (alternative desk: Chamsys MQ40 Lighting console)
DMX buffer 1 input 4 outputs x2
Zero88 Alphapack two dimmer x2
Additional equipment can be hire in on request.

Sound Equipment:

Fyfe Hall is equipped with the following sound system which is rigged on floor stands and
therefore can be positioned where needed.
L-Acoustics X12 Monitor x 2 (on stands)
L-Acoustics LA4X amplifier
8 Channel Mixer plus XLR cables: Soundcraft EFX8
Additional sound equipment available on request.

Details of Sound Spill:

Sound can spill from our Main Hall downstairs so we will never rent out/programme Fyfe Hall for a performance when there is a large/loud event downstairs. This is why our preferred evening event times are between 7pm -9pm to avoid sound clashes.

Our preferred times for rehearsals is 9.30am - 5.30pm to avoid clashing with louder events during the evening.

Rigging Information:

Fyfe Hall is equipped with 2 x lighting Truss Bars suspended from the ceiling at a fixed
height of 3.8m from the floor.
Two additional cross bars can be hired in and rigged at fixed points to give more rigging points.
Lighting loads & H&S:
The weight of the lighting and 1/13m truss over 3 points is 220kg
The rating of the 3 hanging points is 1500kg
The remaining load capacity of the 3 hanging points is 1250kg
The load capacity of the 1 x 13m truss evenly distributed in 280 kg/m
The truss should only be used for hanging lighting and sound equipment.
In no circumstances should it be used for the suspension of aerialists or other performers.
All lights must be rigged with their appropriate safety bonds.
Any other equipment or objects added to the truss system (including the in-house lighting)
must not exceed the maximum load rating outlined in the truss manual and the maximum
rating of the hanging points 1.5tons per 13m truss.

Blackout Details:

Fyfe Hall is equipped with permanent floor to ceiling drapes on three sides with partial drape on the final side to cover all windows. The black out drapes are dark blue rather than black.
There are two illuminated fire exit signs. Requests to cover these (to create full blackout) must be made in advance of confirming your booking.