Redland High School

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  • Rehearsal

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[email protected]

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0117 9245796


An independent school that has students of Secondary School age. The school has a hall space for that it hires out, but does not have the right public liability insurance for performances so can only offer rehearsal space. The Hall is quite large (it has a badminton court layout on the floor and can seat up to 150 people)ᅠplus a stage area.ᅠ The only issue would be with disabled access as the entrance to the Hall is up a couple of small steps (people can pull a wheelchair up over the steps, but it is not technically accessible for wheelchair users). The hall is rented out from 7.00 pm on weekday evenings until 11.00 pm at ᆪ17.50 per hour, Saturdaysᅠ8.30 am to 11.00 pm at ᆪ20 per hour and Sundays 8.30 am to 10.00 pm at ᆪ30 per hour.ᅠ However the Hall is fairly busy with regular bookingsᅠduring the week andᅠmostᅠSaturday mornings, so the school advises hirers to book well in advance and probably only during the School holidays or weekends. The Hallᅠis not available for hireᅠduring Christmas week and on all bank holidays.ᅠ


  • Accessible Entrance:No/Unknown
  • Accessible Toilet: No/Unknown
  • Induction Loop Available: Yes
  • Blue Badge Parking Available: Yes


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