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  • kickstarting initiatives which make Bristol an even better place to make and see brilliant live performance

More about Theatre Bristol

Theatre Bristol is an independent organisation, which works to improve the live performance ecology in and around Bristol. We combine grassroots support with strategic action to make theatre more exciting, relevant and accessible to more people in our city. Theatre Bristol innovates. Since 2005, there have been many versions of Theatre Bristol, as we have prototyped and evolved how we can best make a real difference to the lives and careers of artists, creative professionals, and companies. Ultimately, we believe that when the most original, insightful and creative work is being made and shared, then the whole city benefits in a myriad of ways.

We strive to ensure a wider range of people value, participate in and make a living from brilliant art. Creatives bring benefits not just to professional artists and venues, but also to audiences, young people and local communities. Art makes the world a better place in many ways – expressing alternative ways of being and thinking; creating beauty, joy, dialogue, community, political challenge, room for exploration; and in generating understanding, revelation, debate, exhilaration, anger, laughter, or countless other surprising experiences.

Read more about the impact we have on Bristol’s vibrant performance sector.

How to help

We’re always under pressure to charge for our artist support service and website. But we deeply believe that as part of our fight for greater equality, diversity and inclusion, we must keep this free and open to anyone who needs our help. If you’ve benefited from our free offer in the past and are in a position to give, or believe in the value of arts for all, please consider donating so we can help others in the same way. Thank you.

If you have the ability to support our work and help us make a real impact and want to ensure that:

– we continue to exist in order to support the live performance community
– we are able to offer more professional support on a one on one basis
– we are able to update our website and in turn expand our reach and practice

…then please get in touch. Every single penny counts.

If you want to talk to someone about supporting Theatre Bristol financially or in other ways, then please get in touch with Sarah Kingswell, Director of Business Development, on or 0117 373 0873.

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