Theatre Bristol in August: Edinburgh Fringe + Artist Support

August is traditionally a quiet month, with people variously on holiday, in Edinburgh, or taking the opportunity to go off-radar and actually get some work done while everyone else is away (me.)

Both our Artist Support Associates are away making and performing – Lucinka Eisler in Inspector Sands’ show The Lounge at Summerhall, and Jo Bannon at Forest Fringe with her one-on-one Exposure as part of Forest Fringe’s retrospective. That means they won’t be able to meet artists in Bristol during that time, but if you’re interested in booking a support meeting you can still email now for a slot in September. 

Theatre Bristol Co-Director Katie Keeler will be up at Edinburgh Fringe for a few days, and will be hosting a lunch/get together for any Bristol artists who are up there, whether for the short or long haul, on Monday 15th August at Forest Fringe. Details will be posted soon on the Bristol Artists at Edinburgh Fringe Facebook page, so if you’re planning a trip do join the page and check out how you can meet up, and also share resources and press with your peers. 

Katie will be based at Forest Fringe, who are back at the Out of the Blue Drill Hall, from 15th-17th August as we join in their 10th year anniversary celebrations. There’s a packed programme including loads of Bristol alumni, events and conversations. Katie will be co-hosting an event for artists in the early stages of their career, and the full programme will be annouced soon.