We’ve updated our Privacy Policy

So, as you may have heard, there are some changes in the law with regards to the way organisations hold your information. It’s a really positive step towards helping everyone be more in control of the personal data organisations hold for them. Which is great, since data is a strange, shapeless concept in theory but when it’s misused it can cause a lot of aggro in reality.

The changes are all about everyone being able to have better control over who is able to use their data to contact them, and making it easier for people to withdraw their data if they wish. It’s your data, so it’s your choice what happens with it.

As these new laws come into being at the end of May, Theatre Bristol thought it a good time to rethink and update our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions. These Privacy Policy changes relate to anyone who uses our website, signs up to our weekly newsletter, or uses any of our Artist Support services.

We are committed to the following principles:

Theatre Bristol will always hold your details securely.

We will keep to your current communications preferences.

We’ll ensure you’re in control of your data. If you have any questions, would like to change your communication preferences or opt out of communications at any time contact us on [email protected] or on 0117 373 0873.

Once you’ve had a look, you can get in touch with us if you have any further questions, or would like to change your information or your communications preferences at any time.

If you haven’t already, you can sign up to our weekly newsletter here. If you’re already signed up, you’ll still continue to receive our newsletters, and you can unsubscribe at any time via the links at the bottom of each newsletter or by getting in touch.

Best wishes,
Team TB