Call for submissions: What does it mean to make performance happen in Bristol?

Theatre Bristol are currently working with a researcher at the University of Bristol on an exciting new project studying the ‘creative ecology’ of the South-West. This is part of a £250K project funded by the British Academy undertaken by Dr. Kirsty Sedgman.

By producing at least one book (plus a number of articles), Kirsty aims firstly to raise the profile of our fantastic theatre & performance scene within the UK, and secondly to highlight all the artists and organisations making brilliant work. The big question she’s asking is this: What does it mean to make performance happen here? And how does your work fit in?

You can fill in the survey here:

This seems to us to be a really timely and important project. Within both the national press and arts funding processes there’s a tendency to divert disproportionate attention to London, and then to focus only on a few big regional institutions. In these narratives other forms of theatre-making risk being overlooked. It is this problem that the project is hoping to counter. Kirsty will use the information gathered to map the rich diversity of our South-West creative sphere – and with the British Academy’s help may even (we hope) also inform future arts policies around regional funding.

You can find out more about the project (including a detailed ethics statement) on the website:, and Kirsty’s contact details are also on the site if you have any questions before taking part. Every response, email, and social media share really does help, so we hope you’ll consider filling it in!