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There’s loads going on across our area – if we’re missing something why not add it to the site?

The feisty improvisers from Team Bish and Team Bosh will go head-to-head chasing glory, honour and the audience’s love, in this extravaganza of games, songs and scenes. Will you support Team Bish or Team Bosh?

Join Dr Alice Malpass, Elspeth Penny and Prof Gene Feder for an interdisciplinary workshop exploring how arts health approaches using letters as stories may support patients and their doctors to talk about breathlessness.

Be sure not to miss this super-special ‘Post-Election, Festive Celebration Comedy Night!’

Director Sue Stobbs brings you an ideal alternative to the usual Christmas show with Tim Firth’s Flint Street Nativity where the children are played by adults who later play their parents!

A Ghost Story of Christmas.

Snow White, but not as you know it! Featuring classic characters like the Huntsman, as well as not-so-classic from Game of Thrones to Adventure Time. How d’ya like them apples?

Residents of St Pauls and Hartcliffe will share our experiences of crime, racial tension, family breakdown and stigma as we get under the skin of the perceptions and realities of what happens in our areas.

It’s a bit like a book club but for plays and performances.  You buy your own tickets and see the show whenever suits you, then return to the theatre on the day of the club to discuss it with other audience members and an Artist Support Associate at Theatre Bristol. Open to all – whatever your relationship or interest in theatre may be.

An evening of irreverent festive fun: award winning satire, preposterous stories, sing-a-long songs and circus antics. Always titillating but never trivial.

A reserved English father turned Tantric Masseur. A Muslim mother who insists on open dialogue. Roann has been caught in the middle since seven, furiously masturbating…

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