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There’s loads going on across our area – if we’re missing something why not add it to the site?

The unplanned, unscripted & unconventional cult comedy show continuing the world’s longest improvised narrative every other Monday

Milk Poetry is happy to have the delightful Jemima Foxtrot bring her brand new show to our shores. Above the Mealy Mouthed Sea: Fusing poetry and song, the writer of the award-winning Unholy Mess return with a funny, strange and poignant play about growing up and inescapable truths

Ever felt like you were a princess in a fairytale of tinder-ella and the seven twats? Me too.

Multi award-winner Kieran Hurley weaves a picture of a familiar city at its moment of destruction, asking what would we do if we found ourselves at the end of our world as we know it – presented by Show And Tell

The first all-female Cyr troupe, Alula’s debut Hyena explodes onto the UK circus scene in a whirlwind of women, wheels, acrobatics and song.

Our phenomenally popular compere CERYS NELMES is returning as your host for the evening and will introduce a star-studded line-up that includes KATE SMURTHWAITE, ATHENA KUGBLENU (pictured), AMY MASON and the incomparable ADA CAMPE.

Launch Day is a celebration of the working class shipbuilding in all its industrial glory. Inspired by the paintings of Alexander Millar, Kelly – Abbott Dance Theatre crafts exciting and powerful movement, combined with an enchanting soundtrack featuring music by Mark Knopfler and Irish composer Breifne Holohan.

1913. Revolution stings the air. In an orchard two women meet in secret. Their actions have divided them. What happens when the two women are suffrage leaders; Emmeline Pankhurst and Millicent Fawcett? ‘The Cause’ considers the impact of a lifetime of political campaigning on an individual. Asking how far would you go for what you believe in?

An intergenerational all female dance company have a story to share with you.  A tale of growing up, growing into yourself, growing older and all the extra in between.  Inspired by trues stories from the performers and women’s groups in Bristol. Created by choreographer Vicki Hearne. 1532 Performing Arts Centre, Bristol Tickets available: https://www.1532bristol.co.uk/whats-on

A passionate, comic fable about the housing crisis and a maverick’s mission to turn the tide – a new play by Henry Darke supported by Bristol Old Vic and The Ronald Duncan Literary Foundation

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