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In this course, we delve into the world of musical improv, drawing lyrics and tunes out of your imagination and putting them into the world!

In this workshop you will learn fancy on and off body tricks, core hula hooping techniques and a funky dance group routine. We will cover a wide range of skills, so come, learn and play with a hula hoop.

Holly Stoppit’s Introduction To Clowning Weekend; explore what it feels like to put judgement to one side and develop the confidence to follow your impulses, turn up your curiosity, play more and connect deeply and authentically with yourself and others.

This is part of our Performing Improv programme, which focuses on the skills to perform improv on stage. In this performance course we focus on Great Scenework. We will explore various topics including: two person scenes, creating platforms to define a scene quickly, working with your scene partner to discover games or create action, and knowing when and how to end your scene.

If you’re curious about improv and want to try dipping your toes into the world of making stuff up, our free monthly taster session is for you!

“Brilliant, down to Earth, none of that annoying dramatic “yes, darling” acting classes. Going home energised and with pain in my belly from laughing every time”. Vanessa Bellaar Spriuijt

Writing workshops to build confidence and raise skills. Small group sessions focusing on audience, structure, sensory writing and showing not telling.

This fortnightly workshop is for all women and non-binary people looking to discover and explore improvisation.

Led by Award-Winning Playwright and Director Matt Grinter  An introduction to the basics of making powerful and engaging work that you can take out to audiences. Whether you want to start a theatre company or make work to keep you busy as you audition, this workshop will look at the basic ingredients required to create a performance and the different methods employed to bring them to life as exciting and memorable pieces of theatre that will remain with an audience.

This intensive 6 week course is designed for actors, theatre-makers, dancers and circus performers who would like explore the dramatics of physical performance making, improvisation and ensemble story-telling using the approach and techniques of Jacques Lecoq

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