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What makes a great clown? How do you create a show, hold an audience and get them to stay? Starting with rhythm and play, participants will quickly discover the joys of seriously clowning around in a practical workshop that shows you how to build material into comic routines. Topics covered with include working the audience, developing style, directing and object theatre.

Ground-breaking site specific performance from the UK’s leading mental health theatre company, highlighting the scandal of the pollution in Avonmouth.

A double-bill of fairytales for grown-ups. Expect sheer magic, gleeful deceit, and anarchic tomfoolery.

In this workshop, taught by two veterans of New York’s musical improv scene, you will learn how to improvise a live Rock Opera in the style of Jesus Christ Superstar, Next to Normal, Hedwig, and other Broadway musicals.

In this hilarious and fast-paced improv show, YOU become the author and watch your very own Agatha Christie-inspired masterpiece unfold on stage.

Experimental live music and Baroque-pop mash-ups, gender-twisting visuals and gothic storytelling – presented by She Goat (a new company made up of two members of Little Bulb Theatre)

A love show of short plays all from thr Remain camp. This’ll be a funny and nostalgic evening of entertainment.

Lecoq/Laban based movement training for actors/theatre makers, dancers and circus artists.

Sundays at The Wardrobe Theatre: Stimulate your Sunday brain by coming down to Sharp Teeth’s monthly night of many genres

A Dog’s Brexit is an exciting new family show, that presents both sides of Brexit through a rhyme-filled town of dogs! Full of puns, songs and explanations that are fun and informative for all the family.

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