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mpossibly greedy, unstoppably crude, inexorably daft and hell-bent on making the country great again! Sound familiar? Based by Alfred Jarry’s riot-inducing masterpiece, Kneehigh will let rip with their own version of theatre’s most anarchic creations – KING UBU.

Up The Antics bring their hit monthly comedy genre variety show to the Bristol Improv Theatre, with headliners The Biscuit Barrel!

Voiceover and accent/dialect workshop with Peta Maurice

Omni is a contemporary circus performance created by the graduating BA class of Circomedia 2020. Omni is a homage to physical innovation and boundless creativity.

The Political History of Smack and Crack is a riotous and tender portrayal of two life-long addicts, shot through with home truths about the road to recovery.

Looking to take your improvised scene work, acting or performing skills to the next level in a stretching, but safe and supportive environment?

Recreated live on stage, with three of its original cast, an updated version of the zany radio show which helped to kick-start a UK comedy revolution.

A completely improvised (and totally unauthorised) tribute to P. G. Wodehouse.

Come and meet or reconnect with our Artist Support Associates to find out about our artist support services and play Cards for Inclusion with Holly Thomas, to explore how barriers in the art sector can be removed and how we can make our offer more accessible to disabled people.

Trial opportunity for Bristol-based creatives to co-work in any creative way you like in the large main studio at Creative Workspace for the bargain price of £5 for the whole day (includes a hot drink from our cafe).

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