Free Theatre Seminar with Paul Goddard ACE and Chrissie Tiller at acta theatre Bristol. How can locally created work resonate with audiences in other cities and countries? Join acta and guest speakers to discuss how to make work that connects across borders.

Following the success of his introductory masterclasses on acting for camera, director/cameraman Paul Dudbridge returns to take things further. In this masterclass, you will cover: • Reviewing scripts and script breakdown – What lines are essential and what can be played and communicated physically/visually for the camera? • Performing characters from a given script and reviewing performances on screen for feedback. • Looking at subtext and how it can add layers to the scene. Students will be asked to present two stories for camera – one true and one false. Can we tell the difference?

Led by Award-Winning Playwright and Director Matt Grinter From clowning to dance to character work, our body is a hugely important part of bringing to life what we create on stage. In this workshop we will look at various techniques and exercises that can be used to inform your physical work and help to create distinct and fully embodied characters and visual performances.

For International Women’s Day 2018, Arnolfini is hosting an afternoon of free mentoring with some of Bristol’s leading women in the arts and creative industries.

I would love to invite you to our fundraising gala evening being held on Friday 23rd March(7:30-12:00. Venue, The West Gate, Bath) for live musical entertainment, food and drink.

Based on the work of Stephen Berkoff, this entirely practical day will introduce participants to the Theatre of Expressionism. The masterclass will: • Stretch your range and ability to explore the vast expressive potential of your physicality and voice, so that you can perform at the height of your powers • Enable you to reach the level of exaggeration and the intensity of performance required for Expressionism • Provide you with a set of techniques that you can apply to both text and devised work • Ground techniques in theory, linking to key practitioners throughout.

4 day festival with national and international guests. Workshops, talks and shows from – Good Chance, Phosphoros Theatre, Citizens Theatre Glasgow, Community Arts North West (CAN), Catrin Evans, PAN Intercultural Arts, Rewrite, acta (Bristol), Rotterdams Wijktheater (Holland) and Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo Danilo Dolci (Sicily).

#BeATrustee – New one-day intensive Trustee Leadership Training for Arts Fundraisers from Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy

The Broken Puppet 2 Symposium on Puppetry and Disability Performance will take place on 14-15 April 2018 at Bath Spa University, UK. It will bring together artists, scholars, and members of the public to explore the ways puppetry and disability intersect to produce innovative art forms. The Call for Proposals, due 19 Jan 2018, is at

Led by Award-Winning Playwright and Director Matt Grinter  An introduction to the basics of making powerful and engaging work that you can take out to audiences. Whether you want to start a theatre company or make work to keep you busy as you audition, this workshop will look at the basic ingredients required to create a performance and the different methods employed to bring them to life as exciting and memorable pieces of theatre that will remain with an audience.