A fast-paced day of singing and dancing: up your game technically and improve your acting through song/dance.

Franko B will be joined in conversation by human geographer Dr Maria Fannin, whose research delves into the ‘tissue economies’ of blood and other substances, drawing on feminist approaches to health and medical technology. For more info and to book:—franko-and-maria-in-conversation.html

Framed around the archive of artist, curator, and teacher Franko B, this one-day symposium of talks, performance and discussion, featuring artists, archivists, writers, curators and researchers, explores how archivists manage ‘challenging’ collections, and the multitude of different ways in which these archives can be accessed, activated and animated.

An in-depth exploration of text for actors, using the written word as the foundation of your acting choices, finding the need to speak, forming character through language and ensuring we serve up the text at its best.

What are you expecting to find in the archive? What else might be hidden there, ghostly in the corner of a photograph, a whisper caught in a fold of paper? Join Mary Paterson and Maddy Costa, writers-in-residence with the Franko B Archive, for a writing workshop using Franko’s archive as a tool for creative research and inspiration. For more info and to book:—mary-and-maddy-writing-workshop.html

How can theatre companies in the South West survive and thrive? Living Spit invite you to a free learning and sharing event, co-hosted with Theatre Bristol.

Explore the complex layers of story, character and atmosphere revealed by Pinter and Chekhov, and bring these from page to stage.

Two practical masterclasses for actors on Commedia dell’Arte. First, embody the stock characters using body, voice and mask. Then explore comic archetypes in Shakespeare and Molière.

Theatre Bristol’s bi-monthly Open Office sessions are informal coffee mornings for strangers, newbies and old faces we’ve not seen in a while; anyone who wants to come and meet us for introductions and new connections. Both Artist Support Associates and one of Theatre Bristol’s Executive Team will be all ears and on hand with tea, coffee, and questions.

Children are the future of every nation, but poverty causes children to step back and live within the smallest radius. We are aware of the continuous global developments; there are still 767 million people across the world who are fighting from numerous socio-economic challenges.