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The BIT’s musical theatre open-mic night, with live piano accompaniment. Watch the show or hop up on stage to perform your favourite numbers!

Theatre Jam is the BIT’s performance and social night. Grab a drink and pull up a chair, or get up on stage for improvised theatre games and scenes!

Each night, a cast of professional actors and team of talented musicians produce a brand-new, hilarious, smash-hit musical inspired by YOUR stories.

Ground-breaking site specific performance from the UK’s leading mental health theatre company, highlighting the scandal of the pollution in Avonmouth.

In this hilarious and fast-paced improv show, YOU become the author and watch your very own Agatha Christie-inspired masterpiece unfold on stage.

The show is created by the same team behind Macbeth at the Redcliffe Caves and The Tempest in St John on the Wall’s Crypt. It will showcase the company’s hallmark live singing, with thrilling fight sequences, dynamic staging and dance.

A love show of short plays all from thr Remain camp. This’ll be a funny and nostalgic evening of entertainment.

Experimental live music and Baroque-pop mash-ups, gender-twisting visuals and gothic storytelling – presented by She Goat (a new company made up of two members of Little Bulb Theatre)

A double-bill of fairytales for grown-ups. Expect sheer magic, gleeful deceit, and anarchic tomfoolery.

The graduating students of Bristol Old Vic Theatre School present an urgent, thrilling and epic play for our time.

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