The film and television industry is now a significant part of the local economy and it is growing. But how does it work? who does what, how are locations found? Our speaker at this event, Rob Champion, is a film and television location manager and former Bristol City Council Film Officer. Rob specialises in TV drama and, as well as telling us about his experiences in this area, he will give an overview of the current film and television industry in Bristol. He will also cover how film and television locations are found, the dealing with owners, what is important in selecting a location and much more. Rob Champion studied Architecture in Bristol before moving into the film industry. He has worked on many well known movies and TV series both as location manager and as production manager

Join Life of Breath researcher, Dr Coreen McGuire, as she discusses the consequences of gender in respiratory illness through the lens of local historical cases.

South West Dance Theatre presents a series of dance sketches to commemorate all those who lived and died for their country.

Join Life of Breath senior investigator Prof Havi Carel as she explores the experience of breathlessness from a philosophical perspective, asking how breathlessness changes our experience, shrinks our world, and disrupts our habits. But is it all negative? Or is it possible to experience wellness with breathlessness?

The workshop aims to expand and diversify professional vocabulary of instructors who work with actors, dancers and performance practitioners, interested to improve the understanding of practical and theoretical aspects of movement directing, teaching, ensemble building and performance making.

“Performing Arts Between Tradition and Contemporaneity” is the annual international multidisciplinary conference exploring the bridge between the “traditional” and the “contemporary” in performing arts.