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Lecoq-based physical theatre, movement research and training

A Ghost Story of Christmas.

Director Sue Stobbs brings you an ideal alternative to the usual Christmas show with Tim Firth’s Flint Street Nativity where the children are played by adults who later play their parents!

Yoga and physical theatre for performers

Lecoq-based training/movement research

A six-session introduction to conscious embodiment & deepening somatic awareness for greater physical, emotional and psychological well-being

This 8-week course from dramatherapist and performance trainer Holly Stoppit will help you release the grip of your inner critic, through drama, dialogue, art and writing.

This monthly workshop is for all women and non-binary people looking to discover and explore improvisation.

The West of England Centre for Inclusive Living (WECIL) is holding monthly Creative Challenges at Trinity every last Thursday of the month.

Set in a fictitious island melting pot during Festival season, Anansi and the Grand Prize is a bawdy, vibrant retelling of the classic folktale about our eponymous trickster hero and combines the colour, humour and dynamic dance of Africa and the Caribbean with the 90s R&B stylings of Usher and Ne-Yo.

Angie Belcher tells Anne Bonny’s story with terrifying tales of Bristol’s pirates, fact and fiction – and the worst pirate jokes you’ll ever hear. Ted, the fact checking Hartcliffe parrot, costars.

Instant Wit! The best in improvised comedy.

Something distinctly Victorian and brandy buttered onboard Brunel’s SS Great Britain, presented by the creators of Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera

This 8-week course from dramatherapist and performance trainer Holly Stoppit will help you release the grip of your inner critic, through drama, dialogue, art and writing.

Join the BIT this December for nights of mayhem, hijinks and improvised adventures, told as all festive stories should be: with puppets.

This exhilarating piece of dance-theatre captures the delirious excitement of two boys waiting for Father Christmas to arrive on the most magical night of the year. There are beds to be jumped on, pillows to be fought with, seas to be sailed… On this extraordinary night, let your imagination soar right up to the stars.

Bristol’s much loved Kid Carpet gives the traditional Christmas story a radical remix with big beat songs, live special effects, puppetry and animation. Prepare for the wonkiest Nativity ever!

As the sun rises, he comes to see the bitter truth of his selfish life; learning kindness, compassion and, ultimately, the true meaning of Christmas. Dickens’ classic comedy provides the perfect accompaniment to your 2019 festivities, exploring what it might take for a hard-hearted skinflint to transform into the living embodiment of the spirit of Christmas.

A brand new dark comedy from the company that spawned Oedipuss In Boots, Reservoir Mogs, Rocky Shock Horror and Goldilock, Stock & Three Smoking Bears!

Beats for your feet, body & soul – de-stressing, shaking it out, coming home to yourself & working into the sweat of your moving presence

This joyful re-telling of the classic Brothers Grimm fairy tale is about growing up, growing old, growing your own food and why you shouldn’t trust a very shiny red apple. Overflowing with charm and wit, this laughter-filled festive delight celebrates how we can all make the world a better place.

Looking to take your improvised scene work, acting or performing skills to the next level in a stretching, but safe and supportive environment?

The feisty improvisers from Team Bish and Team Bosh will go head-to-head chasing glory, honour and the audience’s love, in this extravanganza of games, songs and scenes.

Discovering Improv is your introduction to the exciting, challenging and fun world of improvisation.

Scratchpad is the Bristol Improv Theatre’s new scratch night – carving out stage time for fledgling ideas, emerging groups and the shooting sprouts of talent.

Each night, a cast of professional actors and team of talented musicians produce a brand-new, hilarious, smash-hit musical inspired by YOUR stories.

A fun-focused, laughter-filled introduction to performing improv in front of an audience. A follow up to our hugely popular Discovering Improv course.

Dance sessions for over 50s

A playful and gentle dance movement class specifically designed for people living with Parkinson’s.

We can fix all roku problems without take your more time. Our roku expert are highly qualified to resolve all issues with no time.

Move Dance Feel is a creative project for women affected by cancer, including those caring for someone with cancer, designed to offer holistic support and enhance wellbeing.