This course is part of our Performing Improv programme. We’ll train your skills in storytelling and stagecraft, until you’re ready to create a fully-narrative improv show!

Workshop for actors, directors, teachers, students on slapstick and farce with Commedia dell’Arte master Cheryl Stapleton.

Esther May Campbell, BAFTA award winning Director “Dave brings the best out of everyone by giving them real practical tools for acting and understanding how drama works. He is a joy to be with, attentive and will give anyone interested, the guidance, kindness and tools they need to act.”.

Explore what it feels like to put judgement to one side and develop the confidence to follow your impulses, turn up your curiosity, play more and connect deeply and authentically with yourself and others.

Lecoq’s Larval Mask and physical theatre training for actors, theatre makers, dancers and circus performers.

Discover how to use your physicality to create engaging and compelling non-verbal performance with Physical Theatre teacher and performer Dominique Fester.

Improv comedy veterans from New York City are leading this one-off workshops to bring their brand of hip hops comedy to the improvisers of Bristol.

Learn how to write and perform stand up comedy with comedian Angie Belcher.

Drama and Craft Half Term Workshop for ages 7 – 11 years

1 day drama workshop for age 11-14 exploring the Promenade style of theatre

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