This course aims to dispel the mystique of writing strong applications for funding – whether grants from trusts/foundations or statutory bids.

If you’re curious about improv and want to try dipping your toes into the world of making stuff up, our free monthly taster session is for you!

Led by Award-Winning Playwright and Director Matt Grinter From clowning to dance to character work, our body is a hugely important part of bringing to life what we create on stage. In this workshop we will look at various techniques and exercises that can be used to inform your physical work and help to create distinct and fully embodied characters and visual performances.

his workshop will take us on an inner journey of discovery, providing a space to meet with ourselves and others. Through movement and music, we will be able to explore intra-and inter-personal relationships and have a better understanding of what is dance movement therapy.

This training will provide you with some insights about what Trusts and Foundations look for in applications and also provide some concrete skills in putting together successful applications for funding. 

Do you have a creative project you want to get off the ground? Do you have a brilliant idea you want to see realised? Do you run a creative organisation and want more freedom to make work? Do you want to reach a new or larger audience? Do you want to better understand how to crowdfund?

 An Intensive Weekend Workshop – Storytelling techniques for Myths & Fairytales. Perform with physical precision, imaginative freedom and relish for the story.

If you’d like to learn more about lottery funding besides Arts Council funding, then this workshop is for you. Lise Smith will explore each of the Lottery funding bodies, how they work, how to apply for them, and when to use them alongside or instead of Arts Council funding. 

Based on the work of Stephen Berkoff, this entirely practical day will introduce participants to the Theatre of Expressionism. The masterclass will: • Stretch your range and ability to explore the vast expressive potential of your physicality and voice, so that you can perform at the height of your powers • Enable you to reach the level of exaggeration and the intensity of performance required for Expressionism • Provide you with a set of techniques that you can apply to both text and devised work • Ground techniques in theory, linking to key practitioners throughout.

Mindful Play fans the flames of joy, laughter and connection, whilst rooting participants in grounded awareness. Four fortnightly sessions, each with a different theme: play, flow, spontaneity and connection.

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