Who’s going to Edinburgh Fringe this year?


Last year we got together as theatre companies and artists to make a Bristol artist initiative, #BristolArtists. This was so we could help each other and support one another at Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The collective aimed to help reduce costs by sharing resources, like transport and accommodation, and to raise the profile of everyone’s shows through a joint press release. The benefits of Edinburgh can be huge, however so can the cost. So let’s get together in true Bristol spirit and work out how we can help each other out.

Following on from the success of last year, we’ve decided to host another get together on Tuesday 28th June at the Theatre Bristol office, 5 to 6pm, for any artists going to Edinburgh who are interested in being part of this. Please email sophie@theatrebristol.net to register your interest. If you can’t attend then we will still keep you in the loop.

We’ve also set up a new facebook group so we can start making connections – if you’re Edinburgh-bound then do join up here.