Writers In Residence

Writers in residence is a project designed to push forward the more interesting, intelligent and passion-driven writing around theatre in the city. We are currently exploring ways to build this work into the future of Theatre Bristol.

We sent out a callout for writers to help tell the story of what’s happening in Bristol and have since had the pleasure of working with some excellent writers; a number of whom have come from outside Bristol, and many of whom came from non-theatre backgrounds.

Our first writers, Richard Aslan and Tom Wainwright created the Theatre Bristol Writers website and amassed a network of exciting and comitted writers to generate reviews, commentary, and critical insight. This site has become a hub of creative and unexpected approaches to arts reporting, a mish-mash of styles that we think compliment each other perfectly. 

Our next writer in residence Bella Fortune supported a group of writers by editing and curating their work on the Theatre Bristol Writers website. You can find out more about Bella below.

Bella Fortune is a writer and performance maker. She is ever so chuffed about taking over the Writer in Residence role and will continue to work with Theatre Bristol Writers’ collaborators to publish reviews and responses to performance around Bristol. She is interested in the process of making performance, the ideas, trials and revelations that artists go through in order to produce their work. To develop the dialogue about performance making she hopes to conduct interviews and write-up previews as well as focus on artist development opportunities around the city. Bella has created solo shows for Mayfest at the Wardrobe 2014 and for Solo Showcase 2015 with the support of Solo Contemporary Performance Forum. She is also a poet and storyteller using her own experience to speak of inclusive concerns as well as (hopefully) making people laugh.