Theatre Bristol #COVID19 update: TB is taking steps to keep our community safe, and develop ways to support independent artists through these difficult times. This includes: TB Team – we are continuing to work together around our caring commitments. We are all working from home, so the best way to get in touch is via email on info[at]theatrebristol[dot]net Events – public gathering events including Global Majority Takeover, Assembly (formerly Open Office) and Theatre Club are being paused for now. We value liveness and in person connection at these events but we are hosting new online gatherings.  Our support currently includes:

  • 1:1 Artist Support – being a listening ear for freelance artists is more important now than ever. We are prioritising this, and encouraging people to book online/phone sessions with us. Our Artist Support Associate team are available to talk on the phone or computer about how you are managing. We have also brought in additional capacity so we can respond to artists’ needs quickly. Please book a session using the button below.

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  • Collective Creative Support – Tessa Wills’s Hermit Project is a performance project about practising being alone. Tessa developed this project into a free resource for our entire community. The first one ran until 13 May. We’re looking at what the next stage might be.
  • Community building and knowledge sharing – we are running monthly #TBAssembly events for Bristol artists and arts workers themed around issues raised through our 1:1 artist support. The last one was Must the Show Go Online? on Wednesday 1 July  – notes will be available soon.We will also hosted an Online Open Space in partnership with Improbable – notes available to read here.
  • Freelance Task Force – in partnership with Kiota, we are supporting artist Deepraj Singh to take part in this national initiative. We are committed to implementing the learning in our organisation. Find out more here.
  • Bristol Furlough Skills Exchange – established in partnership with Bristol City Council and the DIY Arts Cultural Leadership group, we have set up this channel for people to offer and seek support. Information and how to join here.
  • Resources – we are hosting resources for UK performance makers affected by #COVID19 on our website with a focus on Bristol info and creative strategies if in isolation, but also including links to official statements, financial advice, and other guidance. Here is the open google doc. Do you have resources you feel other independent artists in Bristol could benefit from? Please feel free to add them to the document.
  • Advocacy and lobbying – everything we hear about the needs of independent artists and arts workers right now is being fed through into discussions with partners and funders.

Stay safe and connected – we are here for you.  

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