how theatre bristol supported lavrak

Theatre Bristol provided 1:1 support and guidance to Lavrak in 2019 to develop their ideas and offer advice on their upcoming project ‘Reach’.  Co-director, Amy Nicholls, outlines the impact of Theatre Bristol’s support.


We received 1:1 support and mentoring from Theatre Bristol to advise and guide us in producing our first UK tour, from the initial R&D phase of the project.  


We spoke to Theatre Bristol artists who have produced tours, and also attended our R&D show and knew our work and what we wanted to achieve. They helped us get the project off the ground (literally and figuratively…Reach is an aerial show).


We successfully received funding for the tour with the support Theatre Bristol gave us. They listened to our ideas and really enabled us to achieve our vision.


They advised us on how to develop our audiences in order to successfully tour to places where we didn’t already have engagement. We were able to build our audiences beyond Bristol. We sold out 5 of 8 shows, and gained two 5 star reviews.

Two performers on stage, one of them is suspended on a hola-hoop and is reaching out to the other one who is sitting on an oversized cupboard.

I would absolutely recommend Theatre Bristol! It is so accessible to organise a meeting with someone. We are so grateful for their support, and they often read funding applications for us or run through ideas with us, which has been incredibly valuable! 

Amy Nicholls (Co-Director of Lavrak)


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Did you know that Theatre Bristol can provide the following support to develop your ideas and career:

  • Getting your work out there
  • Mentoring and support in difficult times
  • Finding new networks and collaborators
  • Nailing budgets and funding applications
  • Creating clear and compelling artistic ideas
  • Providing an outside eye and critical feedback
  • Long term planning and strategic development
  • Writing about your work and presenting it online
  • Addressing problems you’re facing in the theatre industry
  • Finding strategies to make your practice more sustainable

For more information about what we can offer, please contact Tessa Wills, by emailing

Four performers on stage, one of them is sat on a suspended hola-hoop with balloons attached to it - they look like they're floating in the air. A group of children is watching the performance, sitting by the edge of the stage.

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