• To do DYCP or not to do. That is the question!
  • This round or next. That’s another one!
  • Am I ready? What do the questions really mean?
  • How likely is my idea to be successful?
  • Would bricklaying be creative in this context?
  • Where can I get help? Can you read through my application?

These and many more are the sorts of things everyone thinks about when considering applying for this grant.

Led by Deasy Bamford and Aisha Ali, Theatre Bristol  hosted a webinar answering these questions. Deasy has had 2 successful DYCP applications, supported 2 successful ones and answered a lot of questions and read a lot of applications. Aisha has just submitted the final report for their DYCP and having gone through the whole process quite recently, they have fresh in their mind what was useful advice to them when applying and also what they wish they’d done in hindsight.


Watch the webinar here: